The Fairy-Tale

The IDEA….

We started with a Fairy-Tale, because ours really is an ambitious project!

Institutions such as an orchestra or a theatre company can radically change and improve society. They are able to make people think and influence the framework of values, principles and goals we all pursue.

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Once upon a time…

… an elephant which, on a very hot summer’s day, noticed a large fire approaching the pinewood around its village. Many trees were already being devoured by the flames. The elephant’s first thought was that the precious greenery deserved saving. So, by running backwards and forwards to the nearby lake, it tried to extinguish the fire with its powerful trunk.

All of a sudden, sweating and exhausted, it looked up and breathed a sigh of relief when it noticed a humming bird greeting it by humming round its ears.
The elephant thought: “Now I just want to see what this bird wants!

And so it was that it saw the lively and colourful little bird fly down to the lake, take a drop of water in its pointed beak and fly quickly towards the flames.

Flapping its huge ears, in an arrogant manner, the elephant shouted:

Hey, you there…what do you expect to do with a single drop of water??!!!

The humming bird, lifting up its beak, answered:

I’m doing my bit!