MAY 18, 2018


Schumann and Burgmüller: an investigation into the unknown ties between the two romantic composers, inspired by the profound sensitivity of Alexander Lonquich, in the role of conductor and pianist.




«It’s a fairy tale! The Colibrì Ensemble is an extraordinary project, which I hope will continue to grow. It has enormous potential. A musical reality of the highest level, with a speed of learning and an ease of working together really exceptional ». Alexander Lonquich


R. Schumann Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 54
1. Allegro affettuoso 
2. Intermezzo 
3. Allegro vivace 

N. Burgmüller Symphony No. 2 in D Major, Op. 11
4. Allegro moderato
5. Andante 
6. Scherzo. Presto 







“Nothing right can be accomplished in art without enthusiasm”, wrote Schumann in one of his rules of musical life, showing as romantic and passionate a vision of music as of life.

Enthusiasm, “en-theos”: union with the divine, inspiration; but also the loss of control, folly, or the irrepressible drive to give your all when doing anything, making every goal achievable and every obstacle surmountable. We are very close here to the concept behind the Colibrì Ensemble an orchestra which has been able to bring together prestigious musicians and soloists in a project which is unique not only for its artistic quality, but also for its founding ideals and even organisational structure.

The orchestra was born from a children’s fairytale. Colibrì is the small and energetic protagonist who champions one of the world’s most propulsive fuels: partecipation! Precisely for this reason and since the very beginning we have striven for a democratic approach, even when facing large instrumentation or more complex scores.

Alexander Lonquich has enriched our path with his deep knowledge of the score, his inexhaustible pursuit of detail; his ability both to capture the poetry behind every single note and to live music on stage as a metaphysical experience.
Andrea Gallo
Colibrì Ensemble, Artistic Director


Art and particularly music have always been by my side at different times of my life, but I never imagined that through meeting one of my patients I would have the opportunity to witness the birth of an orchestra and to help bring it to life. Listening to and whatching it perform on stage enchants me every time. I perceive something wonderful and supernatural in the different sensibilities, passions and emotions that come together and merge into music.

I’m a doctor, and not a musician…but I’m sure that an orchestra is able to improve humankind and the society in which we live!

We doctors can heal the body, musicians are the doctors of the soul.

Gina Barlafante
Colibrì Ensemble, President